Commission a beautiful family portrait or a touching portrait of a loved one just by sending us a photograph!

If you're looking to commission a family portrait or a portrait of a loved one then we'd be delighted to help. We can work from one photograph or several. For example you may want a portrait of  your 3 children but perhaps you don't have one photo that has captured them altogether exactly how you wanted them and would rather send us 3 seperate photos to work from, that's no problem whatsoever.


Is there a proud moment that you would like to have immortalised in oils, like this gentleman below?

The customer below also provided us with a second photo of a medal that he wanted painted into his portrait and preferred his shirt to be painted white instead of blue. He didn't like the background in his photograph and preferred a plain coloured background. He also wanted to be painted holding his diploma.


     Adult Portrait


Perhaps you would like to have a portrait commissioned to celebrate your wedding day, like this couple did.


 Wedding Portraits 

                         Photo emailed in.                             The Resulting Wedding Portrait Painted in Oils onto Canvas.


Realism Portraits

If you are commissioning a portrait for posterity reasons or to commemorate a loved one that has passed away, having a portrait painted in a realist style is sometimes the best way to go. It means that every detail of that person or moment will be painstaking painted giving you a beautiful lasting memory for you to treasure and to pass down to future generations.

   Family Portraits




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Impressionist Style Portraits


If you're after a softer looking portrait then ask us to paint your photo in an impressionist style. It's totally down to your personal taste!

Family Portrait  Family Portrait - Impressionist Style   Impressionist Paintings  Impressionist paintings    Family Portraits


Portraits from old photographs 

If you have an old photograph or a photo that isn't the best quality that you would like the use as the basis for your portrait then do let us know.  As you can see, the photograph provided below has faded and isn't overly clear but look at our resulting portrait!


Old Photo    

               Old faded photo                                               Touching oil portrait hand-painted onto canvas

More Examples

      Family Portrait 

 If you like a particular painting shown above or the style of a particular portrait, please let us know and we'll arrange for the same artist to paint your portrait. Remember, if your portrait is going to be given as a gift or is needed for a special occasion, our oil portraits take between 4 - 6 weeks to complete especially as the oils need to have time to dry before it can be safely delivered to you.

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