Commission a beautiful Child Portrait based on your photographs

Child portraits make great gifts and is a lovely way to cherish a precious moment. Simply email us a photograph and we'll do the rest! If you like any of the child portraits below, please let us know and we'll arrange for the same artist to paint your portrait. Remember we can work from one or serveral photographs and add or omit objects into your portrait.  All of the portraits shown below are handpainted with oil onto canvas.


Child Photo  Child Portrait

       Photo emailed in to Portrait Artists                Portrait Artists' Oil Portrait

Child Portraits  Child Portrait



 Child Portrait

                                                                Photo emailed in.                                   Beautiful child portrait with a lovely background. Oil on canvas.

 Child Portraits  Child Portraits

Both of these beautiful child paintings are hand-painted in oils onto canvas


All of these oil paintings were painted by either Sam Banks or Tom Lloyd. To see more examples of their work, please visit the Child Portraits by Sam and Tom on the Fabulous Masterpieces site.

If your portrait is going to be for a special occasion, a child portrait painted in oils takes between 4 - 6 weeks to paint due to the detail involved and for the oils to have sufficiently dried before it can be safely delivered to you.  To receive a quote please click on the button below or email:


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